Visit by Taty Hunter & The Sisters SA

Last November, the well-known bloggers Taty Hunter visited us from Valencia! For anyone who doesn’t know them, they are a couple with a lot of passion for the World of escape! They have done more than 400 rooms all over the World and in November they were encouraged to «escape» from mainland Spain to play all the possible games in Tenerife! However, they did not come alone! They came very well accompanied by The Sisters SA, from Girona, two very nice and enthusiastic sisters of this World of escape.

From Locked Up, we were eager to meet our enthusiasts and also to control their game which looked promising …

As soon as they entered our room, they knew exactly what they had to do! At first it was challenging for them but when everything started to flow, they could not stop unlocking what was locked and discovering hidden secrets!

After the game was over, it was time for the final photo and a brief moment for comments on the game as Taty Hunter & Sisters had a very tight schedule and had to be ready for their next appointment!

It was a pleasure to welcome and challenge them in our room and we hope they enjoyed all the rooms they did on the island!

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