Merry Christmas!

The most beautiful period of the year is approaching. The one in which the cities are illuminated, the streets are filled with people and joy shines brightly! Yes, we are talking about Christmas and this is going to be our first Christmas open where we hope to bring the essence of this celebration: happiness! We would like to show our players what we have prepared for them here in our House of Mysteries! Original puzzles, logic tests, a story that awakens curiosity and a lot of desire to have fun! If you don’t know what to do this Christmas, come and visit us with your friends, partner or family and you will spend a different and fun Christmas for sure!


Merry Christmas to everyone from our Escape room!

Visit by Taty Hunter & The Sisters SA

Last November, the well-known bloggers Taty Hunter visited us from Valencia! For anyone who doesn’t know them, they are a couple with a lot of passion for the World of escape! They have done more than 400 rooms all over the World and in November they were encouraged to “escape” from mainland Spain to play all the possible games in Tenerife! However, they did not come alone! They came very well accompanied by The Sisters SA, from Girona, two very nice and enthusiastic sisters of this World of escape.

From Locked Up, we were eager to meet our enthusiasts and also to control their game which looked promising …

As soon as they entered our room, they knew exactly what they had to do! At first it was challenging for them but when everything started to flow, they could not stop unlocking what was locked and discovering hidden secrets!

After the game was over, it was time for the final photo and a brief moment for comments on the game as Taty Hunter & Sisters had a very tight schedule and had to be ready for their next appointment!

It was a pleasure to welcome and challenge them in our room and we hope they enjoyed all the rooms they did on the island!

Audi and the future of escape rooms

For all of you cars and technology enthusiasts out there, have you ever wondered where car manufacturers are headed? What sort of technology will we be seeing inside the next generation vehicle? Holographic display, mobile interface parking and voice commands are advances already available in automobiles however the question is, what’s next?
Luxury car maker, Audi, has decided to show a preview of what they are planning to include in their electric E-Tron line of cars. The german manufacturer has decided to promote their visions using the escape room approach. Yes!, Escape rooms are no longer just entertainment activities but now also a strong tool for marketing products, ideas as well as having fun at the same time.
The e-tron room is a collaboration between DDB Spain and Audi where teams of 3-5 players are placed into the office of a missing doctor and have to work out what occurred to him. The game diverts from the classical “lock and key” escape room and offers a more technology oriented play, where players will be able to interact with some of the relevant advances we will see in the cars of the future, all of which will be powered by what is probably going to be the most important source of energy one day: electricity.
The gameplay is available free of charge from the 7th – 26th of October in Barcelona and will be available in Madrid from the 9th – 30th of November. To make a booking visit
For more information visit:

Locked Up Room Escape Tenerife goes to the Theatre

We all know what it feels like when going to the theatre, and if not, you’ll might have seen it in some movie. It’s an event where you put on your best clothes that you have in your closet and go out with your partner, family or those friends who appreciate cultural activities. You enter a World where you enjoy watching the protagonists of the play interpreting a story … but what if the protagonists were the spectators themselves?

Yes folks! Locked Up Room Escape is going to the theatre! But not just any theatre, but a place full of mysteries, enigmas and puzzles. This Show that will take place in the Theatres of the Canal in Madrid is based on nothing more and nothing less than the famous concept of “Escape Rooms”! … And yes, WE will play protagonists and spectators at the same time. “Escape or die” says the slogan of the show, in which we will be part of an interactive escape game where we will have to work as a team with acquaintances and strangers and escape in just 90 minutes!

We will have to escape alive from this to tell you more…!

Thank you for your comments

Locked Up Room Escape has now been open for 1 month and we thank you for the warm welcome we have received. We have had many players who have left us several comments, of which some of them are shown in the photograph. Thank you very much for these beautiful words, this is what motivates us to continue working with the aim of making people happy by locking them up and offering them the challenge of escaping.